Meet Ivona

Ivona Salopek is the face and founder of Cosmedica Australia. A highly regarded cosmetic trainer and cosmetic nurse, specialising in a variety of treatments. Ivona’s experience and highly personalised approach will guarantee perfect results for your aesthetic needs.


Winter is on the way and there is no better time for skin-tightening than now! Experience the transformative power of INFINI skin treatments, where smooth and tight skin is effortlessly achieved without the inconvenience of invasive surgery downtime. Harnessing High Intensity Focused RF (Radio-frequency) technology, INFINI stimulates collagen production, yielding outstanding results,  all while ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine.

INFINI skin treatments target:

INFINI treatment areas include:


Our approach involves an individual holistic view of the whole face, creating you, a tailored touch of magic to the beauty that you already are.


Wrinkle relaxant involves injecting the facial muscles with a TGA approved liquid product to relax the muscles that reduces the formation of fine lines and creases resulting in younger-looking skin.


Volumising treatments involve injecting liquid Hyaluronic acid into the face to lift and add volume to the cheeks, enhance the lips, reduce fine lines around the mouth, rejuvenate the face and add shape to the chin and jawline.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) cell therapy is a safe, proven procedure that uses the body’s own cells to stimulate and promote skin and hair rejuvenation.

HydraFacial Elite MD is an innovative, multi- stage treatment where every step of the process works together to achieve an even better result than each step could achieve alone.



(1 HOUR)


Express Intense Kale Peel

(30 MINS)


Express Mild Berry Peel

(30 MINS)


The Tailored Facial

(1 HOUR)


Welcome To

Cosmedica Australia

Cosmedica Australia was founded with the aim of creating a unique customer experience where you have the opportunity to discuss all treatment options before we develop a plan specific to your needs and desired look. No matter what your reasons or goals for treatment with cosmetic injectables are, it is important to choose a clinic you feel comfortable with that has experienced injectors and a reputation for producing amazing results.

It is critical that you choose an experienced injector who understands facial structure, the pros and cons of various treatment options, and how to precisely create the results you desire. Cosmetic injections, including wrinkle relaxant injections, volumizing treatment, and lip fillers, are a fast non-invasive way to address your aesthetic concerns and produce an anti-aging, plumping, and healthy-looking boost to your skin and overall appearance. Cosmedica Australia has a team of doctors and nurses that are passionate about cosmetic medicine and delivering natural-looking results. Ivona and her staff take the time to listen to what clients want, develop long-term relationships, and create beautiful outcomes.

If you’re interested in learning how cosmetic dermatology can enhance and restore your natural beauty, schedule a free consultation today. During the consultation, we will discuss your skin concerns, treatment options, and what results you can expect. Ivona and her staff take the time to listen to what you want, developing long-term relationships and creating beautiful outcomes.

Client Love

glyn sullerglyn suller
08:48 09 Jun 22
Absolutely happy with my experience here. The staff here are very friendly and I felt welcomed as soon as I entered. The service I had was done very well and I'm 100% pleased. I was treated by the owner Ivona, I found her to be very approachable and extremely professional. I will be back here for sure.
Claudia PerkinsClaudia Perkins
00:27 14 May 22
Cannot rate Ivona highly enough. Great service, friendly and very reasonably priced. Wouldn’t go any where else for botox!
Jasmine PettyJasmine Petty
01:39 04 May 22
Highly recommend! Ivona has a great eye for what small tweaks are required to give a natural healthy look/ glow. As someone that has always had issues with their skin, her treatments have worked wonders!
Buster GibsonBuster Gibson
01:40 20 Feb 22
I go to both Ivona and Amanda for my different skin and eyebrow treatments. Both are great, very good at what they do. I did not know there was so much to know about this stuff! They both focus on what’s best for you personally and not just trying to sell. In other salons I’ve found they just push you to spend as much as possible but here is different and I’ll keep going back.
Kate WhiteKate White
22:04 02 Feb 22
I've had a great experience here! Amanda (skin technician) is wonderful and has helped me out with a series of hydrafacials and also setting me a tailored skincare regime to follow at home. My skin is the best it has ever been. Thank you so much!!


  • 3 Areas Wrinkle Relaxant + 1ml Volumiser $1000
  • 3 Areas Wrinkle Relaxant + 2ml Volumiser $1550
  • 3 Areas Wrinkle Relaxant + 3ml Volumiser $2000
  • INFINI Skin Tightening x 3 Treatments $2000
  • Express Intense Kale Peel x 3 $450